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7 - 9 March 2024

Pavilion 15


Within the framework of the Forward Green & Renewable EnergyTech, the CIRCULART initiative will present the art exhibition “RE – CYCLE”, featuring five significant young artists showcasing their works made from recyclable materials.

The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the need for young artists to express their personal concerns about climate change through their works. Each piece is not only an artistic creation but also a recycling proposal, utilizing materials that can be reused, placing them within a new artistic context and imbuing them with a new meaning, a new life.

The exhibition is the result of collaboration between the TIF-HELEXPO and the Art-Thessaloniki International Fair, with Mr. Pantelis Tsatsis, Gallery Οwner and Art Director, overseeing its curation.

Participating artists include:

  • Antonio Fenili

  • Michos Konstantinos

  • Papakyriakou Marilena

  • Pechlivanidou Sofia

  • Tsakiri Ambi


T. +30 6946 907708

Pechlivanidou Sofia
Michos Konstantinos
Tsakiri Ambi
Papakyriakou Marilena
Antonio Fenili


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